Inspired by the friendship between His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the late Thomas Merton

and forged inside the largest cave in the world, the unprecedented recording and filming production

TUNING THE PLANET commenced with the creation of COMPASSION

- the first East/West chant-fusion recording in history. 

Conceived, produced and under the direction of Michael Fitzpatrick, COMPASSION was nominated for a

Special Merit Award at the Grammy Awards by Bruce Lundvall - President & CEO of EMI Jazz & Classics - who stated:

“COMPASSION is at once both a prayer and an aural celebration of brotherhood

and world peace. It has the power to bring feelings of hope and human compassion to all who listen.”

Now the time has come. TUNING THE PLANET, the new film under the direction of Academy Award® winner Maria Florio,

approaches completion, and will reveal to the world the sights and sounds of what transpired

during the unprecedented convergence. Stay tuned.

©2013 Michael D. Fitzpatrick / All Rights Reserved

“A visionary work of extraordinary creative imagination, designed to uplift humanity into its higher nature on Earth.” 

Robert Snyder  - Academy Award® Winner  / TITAN: Story of Michelangelo

photo: Tamara Tomorrow

With His Holiness the Dalai Lama for the release of the COMPASSION CD.